Evening guided tours


Activity details

All visitors will get to the 14th floor by using elevators. However, they will have to climb 8 floors through narrow stairs to get to the top of the building.

Tours are offered in Spanish and English.

Some tours (ask the receptionist) include live violoncello performances.

Evening guided tours end with a taste of the Dante Alighieri wines at the Museum Office on the 7th floor.

Please be aware that children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Experience our traditional Barolo tour (SEEDAY GUIDED TOURS”) in an enchanting evening atmosphere. 

In the gloom of the evening, the Barolo outlook and Lighthouse offer visitors the most unique landscape: a panoramic view of the city of Buenos Aires awash with lights spreading to the horizon. Watch as the boundaries of the city come alive with our powerful lighting (we are the only urban Lighthouse, comparable to a 5000 watt lamp).
Bid farewell to the guided tour enjoying fine wine at the Museum Office on the 7th floor and experiencing the roaring 20s, surrounded by antique furniture and quaint hats.