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The only building inspired by The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri


Day Guided Tours

Palacio Barolo is architecture inspired in poetry. The only building, monument and historical heritage site in Buenos Aires that was inspired by the Divine Comedy.

During the guided tour you will visit the three parts into which, as the poem, the Palace is divided: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.


Evening guided tours

Touring Barolo at night is a unique experience. Shadows and silence deepen the mysteries of the Palace.

From the balconies on the 20th floor, the city glitters with all its twinkling lights creating a symphony of colours among the most iconic buildings of the city centre.

Climbing to the only urban lighthouse in Latin America, seals the unforgettable moment. The beacon located in a glass dome almost a hundred metres high, lights up and rotates, astonishing all the ones who take part of the experience.

The tour ends in a museum- office where you will be taken back to the golden 1920s, while enjoying a glass of Palacio Barolo 100 años Reserve Malbec wine.


Theme Guided Tours

Barolo with the visit of Borges

Tour the palace (SEE “DAY GUIDED TOURS”) and deepen your connection with literature and architecture.

The poems of Jorge Luis Borges add to the Barolo’s spirit of Dante. The famous Argentine writer was a great admirer of The Divine Comedy. Since the Barolo Palace is inspired by the Italian poem and Borges was particularly fond of this palace, this tour was created as a tribute to culture.

Professor María Kodama (Borges’ widow) personally selected the poems recited in this guided tour to create an unforgettable experience. Experiencing the Barolo Palace through verses by Borges is a different way of appreciating the combination of different art forms from another point of view.

Guided tours with Dante

Take the traditional tour of the Palace (SEEDAY GUIDED TOURS”) enlivened by a colorful actor who will recite verses in old Italian to enhance the connection between the The Divine Comedy and the Barolo.

Dante (the actor who performs the role) shows himself as a spirit that goes through the Palace searching for Beatrice, both his muse and his unrequited love.

This is a guided tour that always remains in the memory of our visitors. It showcases the Barolo as the architectonic representation of the Italian poem in which our very own Dante acquires his well-deserved leading role.


Celebrities who visited us

Tailor-made guided tours

Tailor-made tours

We designed three different proposals to make your visit to the Barolo Palace a really unforgettable experience: “A Toast to Paradise”, “Forever” and “Tailor-made”.

Barolo Beats Looks

This tour is created for those who wish to surprise their date.

Experiencias Barolo Tours

J. L. Borges

Faro del Barolo

Tour fotográfico

Visita guiada


Mirador 360°




The Barolo Palace

The Barolo Palace pays tribute to The Divine Comedy by DANTE ALIGHIERI.
It exhibits a unique architecture with a mix of neo-Romanesque and neo-gothic styles. The dome, with its Hindu style from the Bhubaneshwar region, represents the tantric union between Dante and Beatrice, the main characters of the Divine Comedy.

  • Dante Alighieri

     Enter; but I give you warning that forth returns whoever looks behind.

    Dante Alighieri
    The Divine Comedy| From Hell to Paradise
  • Dante Alighieri

     The more perfect a thing is, the more pleasure and pain it feels.

    Dante Alighieri
    The Divine Comedy| From Hell to Paradise
  • Dante Alighieri

    I have come to lead you to the other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and ice.

    Dante Alighieri
    The Divine Comedy| From Hell to Paradise

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