Cancellation Policy

  • We hold tour reservations for a maximum of 15 minutes (as from the time of your booked tour). Visitors who do not show up within this courtesy waiting period will not be able to join the tour or receive a refund.
  • To get a refund, visitors must cancel their booking TWELVE HOURS BEFORE the time of their guided tour.
  • You may reschedule your tour, as long as your selected date is within 30 days of your original booking. Please be aware that you must reschedule 12 HOURS before the date of the issued ticket (only 1 change is allowed, i.e., your tour can be rescheduled only once).

To proceed the user should read the terms and conditions above, which will be deemed as a sworn statement. When booking your guided tour, you will be accepting the following conditions, which are mandatory and binding, as are the sale conditions included in the online purchase process (terms of delivery, shipment cost, payment method, etc. described in our  website).

Every person who purchases a ticket through the above mentioned site or the site enabled for that purpose shall be considered an “acquirer.”  Throughout this document “acquirer” and “user” are used indistinctly.